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Hockey is our national game the game is played all over the country in all the states india was the world champion in hockey for many years hockey has now become popular in many countries pakistan, holland, germany, england and australia play the game very well there is a keen competition at. On monday as the indian hockey team's drag flicker rupinder pal singh, a former chandigarh football and hockey academy trainee, came to meet his teammates at the sector 42 sports stadium, the youngster was asked by one of his friends about not being chosen by the chandigarh administration for the rs. Hockey is the national game of india however, like the national animal, the national game is also in danger there are several factors responsible for the decline of hockey in the country lack. Hockey in india became popular with the coming of the british it was when the british army regiments played the game the indian regiments also picked up the game and then followed the tradition of playing the game of hockey.

Save hockey to save our national game from the hands of greedy politicians (associations) and to promote the game , please like and share the page to make everyone aware of the current scenario which is really pathetic especially for a national game. A national sport is considered to be an intrinsic part of the culture of a nation some sports are de facto (not established by law) national sports, as baseball is in the united states and gaelic games are in the ireland , while others are de jure (established by law) national sports, as lacrosse and ice hockey are in canada. Lucknow: india won six consecutive hockey gold medals at olympics between 1928 and 1956 it is our national game and that's why whenever the men in blue show their dribbling skill on the green turf at a games venue, out heart goes out to them.

Given our success in cricket, it high time that we declare it as our national game, replacing hockey, which has of late only seen massive failures, with performance of our national team being the. Why is hockey considered as national game of india read this article to know more detail about hockey as national game. We may be assuming hockey, the game which fetched six consecutive olympic gold medals, to be our national game but the fact is none of the games or sports played in the country has the status of. ஆசைத்தம்பி 'என்னது இந்தியாவின் தேசிய விளையாட்டு ஹாக்கி.

Favor indian national game should be cricket because it has just become cramming line that our national game is hockey no-one in our country knows names of hockey players and about match schedules. Indian hockey team s drag flicker rupinder pal singh and dharamveer singh had applied for cash award but were rejected by ut. Is it time to declare it as our national sport should cricket be made the national game of india some of our elders like grandpas would often talk about hockey and even enjoy the rare. Why hockey isn't really our game: canada's national sport was born on the frozen ponds of england, book reveals our national sport was born on the frozen ponds of england.

Cricket shouldn't be our national sport though dhoni made us proud by lifting the world cup because hockey had marked a spot for india in the world of sports as a great and strong competitor it had made india pround when we were struggling to get a place in the world. People have always idolized hockey players in india they are role models for youth & exude confidence, determination & patriotism these players should get their due credit by making hockey our national game. No we cannot have any right to change our national game hockey it is also very popular in many states of indiai also like this very muchour government have enough black money to spend on thisif the people of india need to change it so it possible. On mother nature's rinks, teams of four men were posed to play out the most canadian of reveriesarguably the most inherent part of our national landscape, pond hockey is the opportunity to play the game at its purest, most creative form. Diljit dosanjh and soorma director shaad ali recently opened up about their thoughts on hockey as the duo gear up for the release of their upcoming sports drama based on the life of hockey legend.

Imagine you are a hockey player and you don't know how to play you can learn some tips. English welcome to nhlcom, the official site of the national hockey league français bienvenue à lnhcom , le site officiel de la ligue nationale de hockey. Is hockey the national sport of india, if so why do people believe it is first of all, hockey is not our national game we don't have a national game now. Hockey is a national game of india however played all over the country it is a fast game played between two teams against each other our country has been the.

  • Its only called national game but cricket has taken over, for the last 25 yrs or so, hockey has been on the decline and cricket in comparison on the up-swing, for sure, hence hockey's plight is well known--even the players have come out in the open, they aren't being even paid their salaries, big shame, compared to cricket, which has multimillionaire's playing for the team.
  • Hockey is known to be a national game in general parlance but yet it has not declared as national game thanks to @ naveen_odisha who has taken initiative to make hockey as our national game 1 reply 3 retweets 14 likes.

Most evidence of hockey-like games during the middle ages is found in legislation concerning sports and games north america's national hockey league. Hockey is the national game of india here is the details of indian history in hockey: the golden era of hockey in india was the period from 1928 - 1956 when india won 6 consecutive gold medals in the olympics. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on our national game hockey. Children in school learn that hockey is the national game of india it is also there in any book of general knowledge even in competitive examinations, an a.

our national game hockey The national games comprises various disciplines in which sportsmen from the different states of india participate against each other the country's first few olympic. our national game hockey The national games comprises various disciplines in which sportsmen from the different states of india participate against each other the country's first few olympic. our national game hockey The national games comprises various disciplines in which sportsmen from the different states of india participate against each other the country's first few olympic.
Our national game hockey
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